Hope the Justice Department didn't have any national missing children cases!

Amber Alerts, or missing or abducted child case warnings, are sent out from the Justice Department for national cases, or ones that involve a nationwide search.   Over the weekend, due to the government shutdown,  Glenn Beck's The Blaze reported - as did dozens of other news outlets - the federal Amber Alert system was shut down.

Now, most Amber Alerts are locally or regionally generated by state and local authorities.  HOWEVER a number of alerts are also originated or re-transmitted by the Justice Department.  These often include the ones you receive on your cellphone via a built-in service that came with the device.

Over the weekend, the Justice Department posted notifications on the federal Amber Alert website that is had been shutdown by the government closure.   The Blaze reported Michelle Obama's Let's Move food and wellness crusade site went unaffected throughout the entire period.

News of the federal Amber Alert suspension created a firestorm, with hundreds of calls and emails pouring into the White House.  Reaction on Twitter and Facebook was particularly nasty, so much so that Monday the Justice Department pulled an employee off furlough to get the site back up and running!