The Grant County Sheriff's office has released new photos Wednesday of a man wanted for shooting at deputies, he's been at large for over a week.

Daniel Santos Sotello was being sought on assault charges after shooting at deputies near Royal City.

Last Friday, an emergency bulletin was issued for Royal City and the surrounding area in Grant County about Sotello, who was a wanted fugitive on the run.

Authorities doubt he is in the Royal City area anymore.  Officers had sought him after a police officer responded to a domestic violence assault charge a week ago Tuesday. Officials thought they had him cornered in an apple orchard, but he eluded them and has been on the run ever since.  He is known to have fired at once police officer and fired at other officers when they were pursuing him into the orchard area.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Grant County Sheriff at (509)-762-1160.

santos (KNDU TV)