White Collar crime, now Green Crime.  With the Administration's pushing of green technology, cars, jobs and enviornmental programs, welcome to "green crime..."

According to the examiner.com, Judicial Watch has uncovered evidence that more than 33 million dollars in fraudulent tax credits were issued to people who applied for bogus "green" tax credits.  Some went to people with gas guzzling suv's, and even some who got the up to $7,500 tax credit for a bicycle.  And it goes behind bars as well.  29 incarcerated prisoners who filed tax returns were given credits--even though they have no listed ownership of any car, truck or suv--much less a hybrid.  Judicial Watch found in the first six months of 2010, nearly 20% of the green tax credits were erronious.  Judicial Watch says the Feds were so intent upon trying to convince Americans to buy what are still perceived as largely unpopular vehicles that they rushed the tax credits program through without making sure it doesn't contain loopholes, and the IRS has not monitored the program closely enough.