As the Senate prepares to vote this afternoon or evening  (Wednesday) on Gov. Gregoire's gay marriage bill,  numerous groups on both sides of the issue are flooding the state capitol.

Some groups claim they have been working on such a measure, supporting it, for years, and now that it appears to be voted in by the legislature, they are there to show their support.  Opponents met to plan strategy for a likely approval of the bill.   Numerous groups opposing the bill have voiced opposition.  From NW Cable News-King 5 TV:

""We asked the legislature to be more concerned about religious freedom and the implications of this and they've shown a little bit of interest in this, but it doesn't seem to be nearly enough," said Pastor Joe Fuiten, of Cedar Park Church in Bothell.

  While supporters decorated areas around the capitol with multi-colored balloons, opponents said their next action will likely be a referendum for the people to vote on, possibly as early as November.