According to an ABC News report,  drones might be used for a myriad of tasks and some might seem bizarre.

ABC News Reporter John Muller was covering the recent sighting of a drone near JFK Airport, and said such craft could and will probably be utilized for everything from traffic reports, to weather information, and even finding lost pets, such as dogs and cats!

The incident in question that's started this discussion is the FAA investigation into why a small unmanned drone was seen within 3 miles of Runway 31 at JFK Airport.  The small twin-rotor powered black craft was hovering at an altitude of about 1,500 feet.   An Alitalia Airlines pilot approaching the runway  Monday afternoon said his aircraft passed by the drone which was about 200 feet away!  The pilot did not have to take any evasive action and landed safely, but the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) has launched an immediate criminal investigation into the matter.

Currently, it is illegal to fly a drone anywhere within three miles of an active airport without first notifying the control tower with an area it will be operating.  CNN made the following claim during it's coverage of the incident:

“flying unmanned aerial vehicles is illegal for most business purposes; however, governments and public entities such as police departments can apply for permission to operate them.”

While officials say it's likely the drone was operated by a model aircraft enthusiast,  it is still disturbing seeing such a craft hovering around a busy, active airport,  and especially so close to the runways.

The reason for the criminal investigation is because JFK has no record of anyone notifying them they were going to be operating a drone, much less well inside the restricted area near airfields.