Believe it or not, some think the type of dog you like says a lot about your personality.  Hmm... we shall see.

According to Wendy Diamond, a noted animal writer and founder of, the type of dog you choose as a pet reveals much about the type of guy you are. Diamond's new book, "What A Lucky Dog: Understanding Men Through Their Dogs" compared research of dates with 120 men who owned 32 different popular breeds of dogs. Here are a few of the findings:

  • Beagle owner - down to earth man, requires lots of TLC but he is worth it
  • Rottweiler owner - protective, likes big families, but can be bossy.
  • Lab owner - energetic, active, makes a great father, likes sports and outdoors.

The list also has characteristics of men who own poodles, but we will reserve comment on that one.

Missing from the list we saw was Jack Russel Terriers, which my family loves. I guess that's the dog for the guy who leaves the seat up (unintentionally), snores and teaches his daughter to "pull his finger" -- but dotes on his family!

Take our poll.  Do you believe a man's dog says much about his personality and character?