If you live in or around Hermiston, and need to test for a drivers license or renew,  you will have to go elsewhere for a bit.

Due to a water line breaking in the ceiling of the building,  the Department of Motor Vehicles office will remain closed for at least a week, probably through next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Officials did not elaborate to the extent of the damage, but said the overhead water pipe broke due to the freezing weather, and they found extensive water throughout the office.   The building will need to be dried, the ceiling repaired and other modifications before the office can reopen.

DMV workers have been reassigned to the nearest office in Pendleton.    Officials suggest anyone needing to do anything with their license check the Oregon DMV website before heading to one of the officeds.

The Hermiston office has been in it's present location since 1983, and the building is considered an "older" structure.