Thursday,  there's going to be a fast-food workers rally at Highway 395 and Kennewick Ave, where these people will be demanding $15-an-hour for their jobs.

ANY job is honorable.  Hard work is laudable.  BUT for them to think they "deserve" such a hefty pay rate is laughable, and smacks of entitlement mentality.

Ever heard of the corporate or job ladder?   Did I charge my lawn moving clients in high school $15-per-hour to cut their grass?   No.  If I was lucky, I got $15-20 bucks for the whole lawn.   My first radio job in Colfax at KCLX-AM in1986 paid me $700 a month!  Yes, $700.  Of course the cost of living there is dirt cheap, so that did help.  But it's called, climbing the ladder.  When I went to Spokane, that went up hundreds of dollars, and higher still today.  But you have to start at the bottom.

In response to the "rallies" that have, and continue to take place around the country in support paying food service industry workers that wage,  the website has a scathing article entitled. "Hey fast food workers! Here's who else gets paid less than $15 an hour!"   The article consists of social media messages from Facebook and Twitter from angry Americans who work in the military,  financial industry, education and other fields where they don't get that amount of compensation.

They're mostly happy with their jobs, but like much of America, are upset that people who perform entry-level jobs that require no special skills or post-secondary education believe they are entitled to being paid such a high wage.

To review, it's been pointed out many times before,   minimum-wage and entry level jobs were NEVER designed to be a career.   Minimum wage was simply designed to ensure that entry-level workers were given a reasonable, fair wage.

If you want to make more money,  get a better job.  Work hard.   Save up or utilize resources (financial aid) to go to college or trade school.   But to walk around demanding $15 and hour for an entry level job is the very definition of laziness and entitlement. Period!

We also bet that most of the "protestors" at the rally Thursday in Kennewick will be "paid" sign wavers, possibly fronted by SEIU.