Hail, sleet, rain, snow and ice.  The most common reasons roads are closed.  But yogurt?

A semi-truck driver has been cited for driving too fast around a corner and improper lane use after he dumped his truckload of yogurt all over an on-ramp leading to Interstate 88 in New York.  The driver, 24 year old Oleksandr Brychka of Nebraska, was entering the freeway near the town of  Chanango NY when his speed caused his load of over 96,000 cups of Chobani Yogurt to spill onto the road, most of the containers rupturing and creating a slick mess.

  Much of the load, which weighed 18 tons, slid down an embankment, but a significant amount was left on the shoulder, and some on the road.Into the early hours Tuesday morning, the on-ramp and a portion of the interstate were still being worked on to clean up the mess .   Somewhere a bunch of cows are mooing their displeasure with the driver destroying their hard work!