City officials in Ft. Lauderdale  are offering one way tickets to homeless people so they can leave town, provided they have relatives or friends in other cities who can help them. 

At first glance, the program sounds very un-holiday like.  But upon closer examination, it is patterned after similar programs in othe cities, whereby people who are homeless due to sudden or unexpected financial or life issues, can go where someone can help them get on their feet.  One official who runs a homeles shelter in nearby Hollywood, says if it's run in a way that Broward County does it, it can actually be beneficial.   The $25,000 for the program is not from taxpayers, the money comes from a fund set up to take money from criminals who stole it or got it from selling drugs.   One woman said the program will help here, she never dreamed she would end up on the streets, and she has numerous family members who would help her, she just cannot afford to get there.   Some officials voted against the program, saying there are better ways to help homeless in the community.