Most people pay bills, save for college for kids, take a vacation or other routine plans for their tax return.  This year,  it's very different.

A significant spike in gun purchases has occurred during tax refund season.  The number of gun owners has swelled by hundreds of thousands as many Americans are using their refund dollars to buy a gun.  Handguns are particularly popular.  Many attribute the jump to President Obama.  Gun manufacturers have called him the "best gun salesman ever" because of his anti-gun stance.  But it also goes beyond that.  Unlike the 1970's, as reported by Forbes Magazine, when many people supported gun bans, Americans now believe more guns equals less crime.

   While gun sales have steadily grown over the last decade,  they have mushroomed since Obama took office, and this year, Americans have contributed to a 112 percent increase in stock value for Ruger, and 125 percent for Smith & Wesson.     What are you going to do with your tax return?  Take our poll.