The hot-button topic in the Washington legislature today is House bill 1588.

The bill, introduced by Democratic Rep. Jamie Pedersen, is actually the work of behind-the scenes actions by a handful of, as the NRA calls them,  "Seattle millionaires" who have been negotiating and lobbying Democrats since last December.   VP Joe Biden also favors such legislation in Washington state, and nationwide.

The Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility (WAGR) is a group started by, among others, former digital millionaire and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer.   He reportedly sold a highly profitable tech firm to Microsoft, and is now dumping much of his money into WAGR.

The big question being asked is, how could the state possibly enforce a bill designed to perform backround checks on private citizens who sell to others without anyone's knowledge?   The NRA, and thousands of gun owners in Washington, have discussed this on the open blog-website

The NRA believes the bill is actually a stepping-stone.   It's not about backround checks for private citizens,  it's actually about opening the door towards a possible state permit requirement to own a gun.   From the NRA post on the website:

This bill is nothing more than a regulatory scheme that would create a huge burden for law-abiding citizens, would be unenforceable and would be ignored by criminals anyway.  It is truly nothing more than a precursor to Universal Firearm REGISTRATION!

From a common-sense standpoint, regardless of whether you are FOR or AGAINST guns,  the logic here could be applied to any other personal item.   If I choose to sell a bow-hunting set to a family member or friend,  how is anyone else going to know?  These items can certainly kill people just the same as a gun.   We're not saying they should be banned, but the logic is the same.  What if we were selling an expensive weed-whacker?  Same idea.   Nobody will know, outside of the two of us.

How could the state possibly oversee private, personal gun sales?  Unless they are they are channeling the Amazing Kreskin,  they can't.    The only way that could happen is universal registration of guns - like the VIN number on a car - prior to purchase by citizens!  It's not about private gun sales, which nationally, only make up 4-5% of all gun sales - if that much.

It's about eroding the 2nd. Amendment.