Workers who were recently cleaning out the huge, and very popular Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport came across a very unusual and rare visitor. He's bigger than a giant potato!

The Sea Hare, as it's known, is a large slug that's almost never found as far north as Oregon, usually it's only found in California and Northern Mexico.

So how did it get to Oregon? Officials say it was likely brought in to Oregon waters by hitchhiking in a boat's bilge or fish hold. Aquarium officials "mix" ocean water with other waters in the huge 8,500 gallon aquarium, and it was likely in a larval, or egg-like state. It got mixed into the tank, and likely hatched and grew in the mud and other sediment and debris that is routinely cleaned out of the tank.

Some Oregon aquatic experts say they've been swimming, diving and snorkeling off the Oregon coasts for 20 years and have NEVER seen a Sea Hare there-ever!

It's just one of a number of remarkable creatures that sometimes show up in the tank from time to time.

These creatures usually only live as an adult for about a year, and officials are guessing it's young adult. They're not sure how much life expectancy is has left, as they usually die after reproducing a number of larvae or egg offspring. But for the next few months at least, visitors can enjoy seeing a very rare creature, one that's never been in one of the West Coasts' biggest public aquariums.

The aquarium is on Newport, OR on SE Ferry Slip Road. For more details, see their website.