The subject line for the email was enough to make us peek inside.

Much like you probably do at your work, depending upon how well your spam filter works, you  get tons of unsolicited emails about how to make your business run better.

Thursday, we received an email from a company that is offering an executive 'special report' on how to have difficult conversations with employees.

For only $99 bucks, we can learn tips and tactics for discussing with employees such topics as:

  • Poor hygiene
  • Chronic lateness
  • Inappropriate dress
  • Unacceptable behavior

And many others.   While certainly difficult situations occur in the workplace, and yes, sometimes managers just hope problems will "go away,"   we found their subject line to be rather amusing.

While managers are usually required to use diplomacy and tact when discussing difficult issues with workers, we know exactly how our co-workers would respond to at least one of the topics  - personal hygiene.

If we showed up smelling like a barnyard at work,  we'd probably hear any of the following:

  • You and soap - you should make it's acquaintance
  •  Dude! Your home comes with a bathtub.  It's not just for cleaning fish!
  •  Is there another dead animal in the crawl space?  Oh, it's just you...

But we will say one thing.  These folks must have known what they were doing, because their subject line "How Do You Tell an Employee They Smell?" did make us open the email and read it.  And that my friends, is successful advertising!