Note to self...always check teenager pant pockets before you wash and DRY!  I opened the dryer and found a nightmare of hardened winter fresh Orbit gum all over the inside. It was stuck like glue!  Removing it was no easy task - this is how I did it.

After some research online I found a few procedures to try. Some of which included ice, vinegar, a scraper and detergent (listed here).  Maybe I'm just impatient, but these tips didn't work for me.  So I picked up some Goof Off solvent and went to work.  I used a plastic spoon (it won't damage the paint or surface of the dryer) to scrape the bigger globs off.  A clean rag and Goof Off solvent cleaned up the rest.  Depending on the amount of gum - in my case a full pack - plan on about an hour for clean up.  Make sure you wear a mask and keep the room ventilated. Goof Off fumes are very harmful.

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