It's finally out in the open.  Despite trying to decorate it with scientific-sounding flowery words, and intense efforts to spin it as a positive, Gov. Inslee has come out of the Al Gore closet.

But if you've been following the legislative battles in Olympia since last fall, and reading our reports here at,  it's not really a surprise.    Legislators believed Inslee would utilize the "Obama-style" Executive Order to push through some sort of carbon tax, and possibly a low-carbon fuel standard.  Both have been shown by numerous studies they would dramatically raise fuel costs for Washington businesses and citizens.

A cap-and-trade plan to charge businesses and industry for "polluting" in Europe crashed over a year ago, but that hasn't stopped Inslee from stubbornly clinging to his idea that global warming and climate change are the cause of all our social and economic problems. is a new organization dedicated to taking the fight for economically and politically sound policy to the liberals and progressives who control much of our Washington state political infrastructure.

  ShiftWa has put together a fuel calculator, so YOU, the Newstalk listener and website reader, can see potentially how much his policies outlined in his Executive Order could cost you.  As early as January 2014,  Inslee's OWN consultants predicted his policy ideas would raise gas prices as much as $1.17 a gallon.

This money raised by his "global warming" plans doesn't provide a dime towards roads, bridges, or infrastructure.    At least gas taxes and transportation packages approved by the legislature are dedicated to such, so we KNOW where the money goes.

The reason he's resorted to the Executive Order eerily mirrors Obama in the White House.   Inslee's tax plans for the economy and business, and his environmental packages have been stonewalled in the Senate by a group of GOP and 2 Democratic leaders.  They've been the only resistance that's kept this from ALREADY Happening.

I did the math, and based upon conservative estimates for how much I need to pump into my 2007 Dodge 1500 crew cab pickup,  it would rise at least $35.10 a month, and well over $400 annually.   Check it out for yourself.  It's rather shocking.