I love shooting guns and I usually go to Hole in the Wall in Kennewick. I have been to, and enjoy, the Rattlesnake Mountain gun club out near Horn Rapids. What I really loved while living in Montana, Nevada and Alaska is going out in the wilderness for target practice. It's not so easy to do that around here, but there is a local group striving to make it easier.

Tri-Cities Plinkers is a club for people who enjoy outdoors shooting (like me!) and they dedicate about one weekend a month to cleaning up after other shooters to make governments and private landowners more friendly to target shooters.

Other than safety, the main reason it's hard to find a place to shoot outdoors is landowners are not friendly to the trash left behind by gun enthusiasts. People drag old couches and coolers out and shoot up televisions, VCRs, cardboard boxes and skeets.

Tri-Cities Plinkers encourage responsible shooting and help clean up after the offenders, rebuilding goodwill with landowners! Good job!

I think shooting is great way to spend quality time with family and friends. For example, I went shooting with my Bonus Son yesterday. He's a really good marksman but it aggravates him I'm just a little bit better.

"I've always been the best shooter of anyone I've been with," he told me afterwards. "But man, you're really good with a handgun." A high compliment indeed.

Tri-Cities Plinkers, I've shot guns with a lot of people, but man, you guys are really fantastic.