A convicted killer was executed Tuesday by lethal injection in Idaho, making only the second time it's happened there since 1995.

Richard Leavett died without ever admitting to the murder of Danette Elg, who was found dead July 18, 1984 in her Blackfoot home.   He was convicted of her stabbing death, but continued (along with family members) to insist on his innocence.   He was convicted in 1985, and had a long history of violent, bizarre behavior.  He was a suspect in three rape cases, had strangled small animals, and shot others with a bow and arrow.   The Elg murder scene was especially greusome as Leavitt had cut out some of her internal organs.   Police believe she was going to report him to the police for trying to break into her home, and that's why he killed her. 

 According to witness reports, the execution was carried out with "military precision."  Leavitt was pronounced dead just before 10:30am.