A Nampa, Idaho woman is lucky to be alive after being trapped in her vehicle for over 12 hours after it plunged over 300 feet into a ravine in Southeastern Oregon.  Officials finally released an accident scene photo Friday.

Authorities continue the investigation into how 32-year-old Tarah M. Colwell's car ended up there, but more miraculous is how she survived!

March 26th, around 7pm, the Oregon State Patrol radioed to Oregon Department of Transportation workers they had spotted an upside down vehicle in a ravine near Rome, OR which is over 200 miles Southeast of Tri-Cities along Highway 95.

The ODOT responded and found Colwell's car in a remote area, and hiked down the steep terrain.  They found Colwell was conscious and alert.  She told them she'd been there since the early morning hours after her car had left the road and rolled!  Officials estimated she'd been trapped in the vehicle for at least 12 hours.

Jordan Valley EMS services workers were able to get her out, and she was taken to West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell, ID.  She was treated and released.

OSP officials didn't say how the accident occurred, as the investigation is ongoing.   The ravine where the accident happened is so steep and rough  Department of Transportation officials said Colwell's car may not be recoverable from the scene!

But that's probably the least of her concerns, considering the area is rather remote and she could have potentially been there for days and might not have survived.