Burglaries are nothing new in the Tri-Cities or other areas of the country. But what sets THIS one apart is the effort the criminals went to try to access a business.

Around 5:30am Sunday morning, Kennewick police responded to an alarm at the Traffic Jams store at 525 North Edison street.

Upon arrival they found evidence that a suspect, or suspects, had tried to access the store by cutting or breaking through a wall from the business next door, A Different Shade Window tinting.

The suspects broke into the Different Shade facility, then were in the process of breaking through the wall when their would-be "demolition" efforts made the Traffic Jams alarm go off. The suspects fled in two vehicles that were parked inside the Different Shades facility, but both cars were found abandoned and have been recovered. It is not known if the keys to these cars were left in ignition or if suspects were able to locate them inside the business.

Sgt. Ken Lattin says anyone with information can report it anonymously to Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers at (509)-586-TIPS.

These folks went to a lot of trouble to try to access the car stereo and audio store, but apparently came away empty-handed. If only they'd put that much effort into something legitimate (such as a job!) they probably wouldn't need to breaking and stealing!