We Americans aren't just satisfied with racing stock cars; we like to crash them into each other, chain them together and tow stuff behind while racing.

On June 29, the Hermiston Super Oval the track held a trailer race. Any kind of stock car can enter one of these; it's not necessarily confined to just one class.

Usually you find hobby stocks or demo derby-type cars towing trailers. It can be a boat trailer -- with or without a boat -- a camping trailer, or anything else with two wheels.

During the last trailer race, one of the trailers took off on its own. Watch the video as the trailer breaks free, plows into the dirt wall on the east end of the track and then takes flight! In my 17 years around race tracks and announcing I have NEVER seen anything like this.

The object of the trailer race is to be the last man standing. The last driver still towing his trailer wins the race. Obviously, other drivers try to "dislodge" your trailer by whatever means possible! That happens in the video, too!