According to an in independent investigation by the Yakima County Prosecutor, the July 31st fatal shooting of a domestic violence suspect was justified.

The incident occurred when two officers attempted to take Mario Torres into custody after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend. Responding to a 9-1-1 call, Seargant Erhart and Officer Compos of the Wapatol Police Department found Torres barricaded in a bathroom.  When he refused to come out, they forced entry.

At that point, according to police reports and in the investigation, Torres grabbed Erhart's Tazer and used it on him, then pushed Officer Compos backwards into a tub, causing him to sustain injuries. In that struggle, as Torres tried to grab another Tazer and Compos' gun, the officer was able to discharge several shots that killed Torres at the scene.

The Yakima County investigation said the shooting was fully justified. There has been some rumblings about the Department of Justice possibly launching an investigation, several special interest groups are demanding it, the same ones who pushed for the Pasco Zambrano shooting inquiries.