As the irrigation comes on, water sprays, and plants come to life,  there's the reminder of how and when to use the water.

Most of us pretty much know irrigation is good for the green stuff, but nothing else.  But every year, there are some cases where people reportedly get sick from ingesting irrigation water, thinking it's safe for drinking. Sometimes the water coming out of the pipe looks remarkably "clear."

While numerous screens and some filters help keep debris, and even bugs, out of our irrigation pipes and sprinklers, the water is not considered safe for human or pet consumption.

The Kennewick Irrigation District reminds consumers to only use it for lawn and garden purposes.

Surprisingly, there are a number of cases every year where people use irrigation to fill a swimming or kiddie pool, thinking they're going to save on their city water bill.  Some think they can "clean up" and purify the water (especially in larger pools)  with chemicals. But it doesn't work that way.

Our pool guy we use for annual maintenance at our home says they do hear occasional instances of this happening.   No matter how hard you try, you can't "clean up" the water to safe swimming standards.

The KID says irrigation water can sometimes contain harmful microbial contaminants that if ingested can occasionally cause issues. They also remind citizens not to let their children or pets play in irrigation water as well.

So use the irrigation to grow that lawn and garden, and the city water for the recreation.