Remember the story this week from the Better Business Bureau about the IRS phone scammers "strong arming" people?   One of our Newstalk friends was exposed to it.

For the sake of privacy, we are going to withhold their name,  but below is a comment we received from one of our friends about one of those IRS calls.

They advised this person to call immediately, and the caller identified themselves as being part of the FBI.   The call reportedly originated from D.C. but was likely elsewhere due to "spoofing."  That's the trick spammers use to make a different number show up on your caller ID, hiding their identity.

Be careful,  don't ever give out any personal information on the phone, and if you ever get ANY suspicious phone calls, get as much information about them as you can and notify police or authorities....oh - and don't forget the airhorn!  Their message is below:

"Got a call today with a voice recording from a Washington D.C. area code, I was told they were from the IRS and to contact them IMMEDIATELY and that it was urgent. I just ignored it, should I contact the BBB and give them the number that called me?"


It is a sad time in society when we can't trust the people who call us on our phones...there is hopefully a special place in Hades for those who prey upon others with phone and other scams - that's how we view it.