Most voters believe third-party voting doesn't work.A poll recently conducted by KING 5 TV in Seattle shows nearly 43 percent of people asked felt a vote for someone other than Romney or Obama was "a waste." 45 percent of the 3,200 people polled the last week of October said they either preferred Romney or Obama, but also felt third-party candidates wasted votes.

The non-scientific poll was published on the television station's website. According to the poll data, 7 percent said they would vote for Gary Johnson, who is listed on the ballot as the Libertarian Party candidate.

While most third-party candidates create little or no effect nationally, some local and regional politicians have been elected from a party not Republican or Democrat.    However, many experts believe there is danger these candidates (especially those who have no real chance of winning) because of their ability to "steal" enough votes from one side or the other to influence the outcome of an election.

The website for the Electoral College claims third-party candidates have never affected the presidential outcome, but other sources point to the 1912 presidential race when Theodore Rooselvelt's Bull Moose Party pulled enough votes away from the GOP to allow Democrat Woodrow Wilson to win the presidency.

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