Venture capitalist Nick Hanauer first was exposed on the public scene as the founder of the infamous group Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, or WAGR.

They're the ones who's money was funding lobbying to try to push through a slew of gun control regulations during the last legislative session in Olympia -- including the insane proposal to have local county sheriff's inspect private citizens homes once a year to make sure their guns were properly secured and stored.  Hanauer's group also favored a plan that would require backround checks on private gun sales and transactions - even between family members.

You may recall the on-air interviews we did with the Sheriffs of Benton and Franklin County who all but ridiculed such an idea as being unconstitutional as well as logistically impossible.

Now, Hanauer and his billions are potentially behind the idea of implementing a state income tax. According to ShiftWA,  and the Seattle political blog Crosscut,   Hanauer thinks rich people should pay more taxes, and has strongly hinted a state income tax is the only way to make things fairer, and support more programs.

Hanauer believes the only way government can "fix" everything is to raise the amount of money being poured into state coffers.

The last time that idea was floated in the Legislature (and promptly shot down) Hanauer's money was behind it.   But as ShiftWA notes, there's nothing stopping HIM from writing a big check to the state to pay for bloated wasteful programs he believes are worth supporting.

You've probably started seeing Hanauer's WAGR ads popping up on Facebook. Now, he wants anyone who has become financially successful to open their wallets even more to Olympia.