What once started as legislative fears in the Senate appears to becoming a reality.

Newstalk 870 has been reporting for some time legislative leaders were wary that Gov. Inslee would enact low-carbon fuel standards that could raise gas prices upwards of $1-per-gallon, by way of Executive Order.

Now,  KIRO-AM in Seattle, and the website MyNorthwest.com are reporting documents have allegedly been uncovered showing Inslee plans to implement an Executive Order that would do just that.  They question if Gov. Inslee is hiding this plan from the public.  If Inslee didn't get what he wanted in the legislature - he was thwarted by GOP Senate leaders - he would use the Executive Order.

According to MyNorthwest.com:

"The staff for the governor were saying he would impose in the first quarter of 2015, next year, through executive action, a low-carbon fuel standard, which Inslee's own consultant said could raise gas prices by $1.17 a gallon," said Pepple. View documents that SHIFT cites.

Before Monson and Pepple's conversation Tuesday, the governor's office had reached out to The Dori Monson Show regarding SHIFT's reports, indicating the $1.17 SHIFT was suggesting wasn't an accurate figure"

You may have seen ShiftWa stories and posts on Facebook, Newstalk 870 has been following them and checking out their information for some time.

Officials say if Gov. Inslee does indeed implement the low-carbon fuel standard, and prices go up as much as $1.17 per gallon, he would be the most hated governor in America.   It would be political suicide.   But critics say since he believes it's a moral imperative to tackle what he believes is climate change,  he would probably be willing to take the flak for doing that.

Low-carbon fuel standards, as reported by Newstalk 870, are fuels that exceed current Federal emission standards,  the gas now sold at the pump.  However, the problem is,  nobody in our neck of the woods has the equipment or refinery capability to refine these ultra-low pollution fuels.  And widespread production is probably years away, so we would have to compete with what limited resources there are in California - that's why gas prices would skyrocket, and probably STAY there.