Many experts and political analysts have poked fun at what is called the "Gore" Effect, where cold weather seems to follow the self-appointed global warming expert.

Now there seems to be a Gov. Inslee effect.   Last week, Inslee opened a meeting of the Washington State Climate Legislative Executive Workgroup.   The weather, according to reports from the political blog site Sound Politics, got cold and stayed there!  Several dozen times when Al Gore was scheduled to speak at conferences or meetings about climate change, the cities often experienced colder than normal weather, with some events during the winter even being cancelled due to snow!

It might have helped, having the record, or near-record cold temperatures, as Democrats and Republicans clashed harshly over various climate-change issues.   While Democrats went on and on about how supposedly harmful climate change is,  the GOP members of the panel worried and voiced concerns about how Inslee's climate change proposals could severely damage an already somewhat fragile state economy.

Another public hearing with the workgroup is scheduled tenatively for December 13th - weather permitting, of course!