We're really hoping the Kennewick police locate this thug. This picture is a stock photo (nearly exact match) of the stolen car.

Authorities say a woman who was shopping at Fred Meyer on Wednesday had lost her car keys somewhere in the parking lot, probably dropped them. Apparently an unknown female picked them up and then drove off in the victim's green 2000 Honda Civic. The license number is WA Plate 634ZMY.

The woman was especially distraught because inside the car was her only car seat for her toddler.  At least on the bright side, Fred Meyer donated a new car seat so she could at least get home safely. Police gave her a ride home.

Car seat donated by Fred Meyer so mother could get infant home (Kennewick Police)

Anyone with any information is asked to call (509)-628-0333 immediately, especially if you see this car.  This picture is NOT of the actual car, but police say it matches the description almost exactly. A green 2000 Honda Civic.

The suspect vehicle, the one she arrived in, is a green 1996 Toyota Camry, WA plate BDT8474. Please also call police if you see this car.