According to a report issued up by a climate group,  rising sea levels could alledgedly wipe out Jersey Shore--and taking out Snooki-that's a bad thing?

The Princeton NJ based group Climate Central claims melting ice, rising sea levels, combined with weather conditions could create storms and surges that by 2030 could wipe out or flood the Jersey Shore.  It's a popular destination spot for residents and tourists, and made even more famous by the MTV show featuring New Yorkers who are actually older than they are pretending to be badly-behaving New Jersey residents.

  David Robinson of Rutgers University says the pounding effect of Atlantic storms, combined with rising sea levels 3-4 feet higher than they are now would erode or destroy the coastline.    While the study does attribute the rising seas to the now-disproven theory of global warming, there is a history of storm activity on the shore that has affected the area.  In 1962 a severe Nor'Easter storm slammed the shore, eroded beaches, and flooded over 48,000 nearby homes.

   In reference to that not being a bad thing, we thought the original theme of the article was wiping out the cast of Jersey Shore---not the shoreline.  We can only dream, can't we?