To most of us, the word psychopath is associated with serial killers-say, Hannibal Lecter in movies, or perhaps Ted Bundy in real life. 

Cornell University performed a study of 52 incarcerated inmates, jailed for convicted murder. and found 14 of them to be considered a psycholpath.  It is estimated 25 percent of violent offenders in jail, and perhaps 1% of the general population, are psychopaths.   The Cornell study found that after analyzing speech patterns and interviews, psychopaths exhibit the following behavioral traits:  1) a general lack of emotion regardless of situations, 2) described their crimes as well as those of others in a matter of fact 'cause and effect' manner; as if they were the logical end to a series of events; and 3) and showed a marked emphasis on their own basic needs such as food, drink and money.  Psychopaths also view the world as theirs for the taking, and are considered to be very cunning, clever, and manipulative.  Researchers said after interviewing them for 2-3 hours, they often felt like they had been hypnotized--reminds you of Anthony Hopkins incredible portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in Silence of The Lambs.  So, that's a little, brief look into the mind of a psychopath...just in time for Halloween!