It really shouldn't be a surprise, because the Washington State Legislature approved this gas tax over a year ago.

Part of a $16 billion transportation package agreed to as a compromise between
Gov. Jay Inslee and the legislature after a marathon extended session well into June, the plan was paid for by a $.7 cent per gallon tax that went into effect last August 1st, and today the rest hits, with a $4.9 cent per gallon bump.

According to the Tax Foundation, who've been tracking and reporting on tax related issues since the 1930's Washington is the ONLY state that's raised it's gas taxes TWICE in less than one year.

If you paid attention to legislative matters, you would have known this. But it will likely come as a shock to many motorists when they gas up today. If a driver pumps 20 gallons into their vehicle, the price will be $.98 cents more.  That's not horrific, but we're sure people who monitor Gas Buddy and other fuel price websites will notice the across the board spike.

But don't feel too bad. Smokers today in West Virginia will be hit with a $.65 cent-per-pack tax increase. Due to declining revenues, and the coal and natural gas industry being hit hard by Obama Administration policies (some companies have already relocated to other states or all but closed up shop) legislators were desperate to raise revenue.