In a controversial move,  AG Eric Holder and the US Justice Department have blocked a Texas law that requires a person produce photo ID when voting.

Texas is one of a number of states that are now requiring voters to produce photo ID when casting a ballot.  States and or counties that utilize absentee ballots (such as Benton County) do not have such a rule.   Many states are implementing such measures to prevent voter fraud, which has become a thorny issue in elections due to the activities of such groups as ACORN.  You might remember the 2004 WA Governor's race in which the number of "dead" people who voted would have swung the tabulations in favor of Dino Rossi.

   Holder and C0. claim the rules are discriminatory because Hispanic voters are less likely to carry such identification.  Supporters say it is not targeted at ethnic groups, but an important way to verify that a person is indeed who they say they are.   A similar battle has occurred in South Carolina where Justice rejected the state's voter ID Law.