A 21-year-old Kennewick man is behind bars after his niece tested positive for meth.Christopher D. Jackson is facing possession of meth, child endangerment charges and two felonies after a 20-month old toddler tested positive for exposure to meth. 

Jackson's mother has custody of the child, but he had been babysitting earlier this week.   He called his grandmother to inform her the child appeared to be sick, and she took the toddler to Kennewick General Hospital. The child was held overnight in the hospital for observation, officials did not say if the toddler was a boy or girl.

In what has to be the stupid parental statement of the year, the grandmother told Kennewick police she believed the child was exposed to the meth accidentally!

Fortunately, the child is now being cared for by Child Protective Services. Officials did not say if any charges would be brought against the grandmother.