Many Tri-Citians have have their hearing improved and have been helped by Dr. Neil W. Aiello of Columbia Basin Hearing Center in Kennewick.   This time, he traveled all the way to Africa!

Dr. Aiello recently returned from a two week trip to the hard-hit nations of Rwanda and Kenya to help assist hearing-impaired patients.

Dr. Aiello made the trip as part of a team of physicians through the Starkey Foundation, which for years has helped thousands of people world wide with hearing issues.

3,000 people were fitted with hearing aids and other devices to help them enhance their hearing, many of them traveled all day and night from remote areas to reach the center where the work was being done.

One of the pictures shows Dr. Aiello working with a little boy, who was fitted with hearing aids, and was able to hear for the very first time!     

Dr. Aiello traveled to Mexico last year and was part of another Starkey Foundation effort that helped over 2,500 people in Guadalajara.

(Starkey Foundation, Columbia Basin Hearing Center)

(Photos courtesy of Columbia Basin Hearing Center).