Kennewick police have not elaborated as to what the suspect's involvement may be have been in drive-by incident.

32-year old Shelby Haddock was taken into custody early Wednesday morning by a team including Kennewick and Richland police.

Around 1 a.m., officers arrived at Santiago Sunset View Estates lot #146 to serve several warrants on Haddock.  This is the SAME address where a drive-by shooting had occurred the night before, off Steptoe St. behind Columbia Center Mall.

Due to Haddock indicating he was armed with knives and had a shotgun close by,  officers used non-lethal "projectiles" (probably bean-bag bullets) to subdue him.   They also had been told by residents inside the trailer there was a  infant in the room next to where Haddock was positioned.  He had also allegedly threatened to kill the officers.

He was taken into custody after being taken to Trios Health Emergency Room (formerly Kennewick General Hospital).   What other charges he is facing were not revealed but the police report lists the incident as "Felony harassment and warrant service."

Police did not offer any information about whether Haddock was the target of the drive-by shooting the previous night, or what other involvement he might have had in the incident.

(photo courtesy of KNDU)