Since July 25th,  Kennewick fire officials report there have been at least 14 reported fires on the median separating the East and Westbound lanes of Highway 240, between Edison St. and the Highway 395 roundabout near the Blue Bridge.

While most of them have been small and easily contained,  officials are growing suspicious about the blazes.

The first fire was extinguished July 25th, but officials found no ignition source at the scene (no devices or materials that could have indicated what started it).

Since then 13 other such fires have occurred. Citizens are asked to contact Tri-Cities Crime stoppers if they've seen, or think they've seen, any items being thrown from vehicles -or any other activity - that could trigger a fire.  Anonymous information can be called in at (509)-586-TIPS.

Motorists commonly throw cigarette butts from vehicles along many streets and highways, and it's possible the extremely dry conditions are simply making it easier for spent cigarettes to start fires.   But the extremely high number of fires is very suspicious.

Even during droughts or dry periods in previous years, there hasn't been the rash of fires in one certain area like this summer.