Don't leave your engine running, and car unattended - even for a moment!

That would be the lesson one Kennewick motorist learned shortly after 7am Monday.  A Toyota Camry that was left running to warm up in the 100 block of North Vancouver Street was stolen by a man who led police on a chase.

Justin Fincannon allegedly took the vehicle, and was spotted minutes later by officers near Yelm and Grande Ronde Sts.   He fled, and the chase led to a gravel driveway, where Fincannon drove into a carport, striking one of the roof supports.

The car came to a stop high-centered on a concrete curbing that led to a drop-off next to the carport.  He tried to flee on foot, but was quickly captured and subdued by police.

He is facing Auto Theft charges as well as DUI/Narcotics charges, and was cited for No Valid Operators license.