Kennewick police say that while the overall percentage of residential break-ins are down some 12 percent this year, a recent string of them has occurred.

Sergeant Ken Lattin said in a press release Friday:

Through investigation and crime analysis, we believe that we have had 14 residential burglaries dating back to mid October that are related. Most of these burglaries have taken place east of SR 395 and have occurred late afternoon and early evening."

Kennewick police are asking people to call them every time they see a vehicle or person "out of place" in their neighborhood, especially if they are loitering, or appear to be "cruising" with no purpose.

In addition, in some of these cases, we suspect that the burglar knocked on the door and when the resident answered, the suspect asked for a person who doesn't live there. That should be a red flag to call police."

Anyone with information or tips should notify the Kennewick Police Department immediately at 509-586-TIPS (8477). The same goes for anyone with possible information about the burglaries. Information leading to apprehension of a suspect can result in a cash reward.