Kennewick police are warning residents a number of mailboxes have been blown apart by what are called "Draino bombs."

Since Jan. 16, four different mailboxes were completely blown apart by what police are calling highly unstable and very dangerous Draino bombs. Two indents in the 2900 block of Garfield, one on Olympia St. and another occurred at 1102 S. Newport. These homes are all in the same general vicinity and occurred within five days of each other.

Sgt. Ken Lattin said Wednesday the bombs are simple but can be deadly. The perpetrators are filling a plastic bottle with Draino cleaning fluid, then adding a piece of tin foil. Once the bottle is capped tightly, the resulting chemical reaction creates a significant explosion -- enough to tear apart a metal mailbox!

Lattin is urging parents and residents to check and see if they have any missing Draino or cleaning supplies, and to report any and all tips they might have. These bombs are not only deadly, but unstable.

There is no way to predict now long the chemical reaction will take to produce the explosion. When the bombs are placed in the mailboxes, an unsuspecting homeowner might be nearby -- or worse yet -- such a bomb might detonate when the person is checking their mail. The first bomb went off at around 8 a.m., the other two around 5:30 p.m.

Anyone with any information about these dangerous bombs is asked to contact the KPD immediately at 586-TIPS (8477) or visit ALL information and tips will be confidential.