As of Monday, the Maintenance and Operations Manager for the Kiona-Benton School District has been placed on unpaid administrative leave.

The action was unanimously ruled on 5-0 by the Ki-Be School Board last Friday. Mark Noyes, who's been the Maintenance and Operations Manager since 2010, is accused of allegedly selling school district property on e-Bay.

Earlier this spring, a Ki-Be school board member reportedly provided information to school officials about the reported sales, and Benton County Sheriff's deputies investigated.  Records from e-Bay linked Noyes to the sales, according to officials.

The alleged sales occurred over a three year period, and included 10 HVAC sensors worth about $500 apiece, a camera and some paper.

Sources say Benton County Sheriff's officials recommend Noyes be charged with theft and trafficking stolen property. The information has been sent to Benton County prosecutors but no charges have yet been filed.

The release from the Ki-Be School District included the following information:

Pending further investigation of the circumstances surrounding the serious situation,  Mark Noyes will be placed on admin leave without pay until the next regular meeting of the board of directors when the matter will be reviewed in light of further information.  No further statement will be made until the matter is concluded."