Working at the radio station I heard a lot about Kids Fishing Day but I told my coworkers, “No way I’m taking my kids fishing with 1,200 other kids!” But as luck would have it, my kids asked to play at the Playground of Dreams that same day, so we ran into the event. I WAS SO IMPRESSED! It was awesome and my kids were really sad we weren’t there to fish!

For $10 kids got a rod and reel. There were volunteers EVERYWHERE to help thread hooks, recommend bait, recommend spots on the pond and to untangle thread. If a child caught a fish, there were vendors helping gut the fish, or you could donate it. Participants were assigned one of four time slots so there was always plenty of parking and the pond was never over-crowded. All the kids I saw were having a great time and all the volunteers were pleasant and helpful. We will DEFINITELY be going next year and I want to congratulate the organizers for a fantastic event. Click below to see all the groups who participated.