It's been a landmark in Pasco for many years, but it's coming down soon.

The famous overpass once used by students to get across 20th Ave to Robert Frost Elementary will be taken down due to structural issues, with removal the weekend of June 22nd.

The bridge was closed last spring when District officials found structural issues during an annual safety assessment.   There have been three crossing guards and additional school presence at the stoplight at 20th and Pearl to make sure students cross safely, they were added when the bridge was closed.

It was build decades ago before the stoplight was installed, and is considered no longer necessary.

According to information released by the Pasco School District, there will be some minor traffic issues June 22:

"The project will close 20th Avenue from Pearl Street to Highway 395/I-182 on Sunday, June 22 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Construction vehicles will be using 14th Avenue, Pearl Street, and 20th Avenue during this time period. Local residents may also see increased traffic on Pearl Street and 22nd Avenue due to established detours.

Neighbors will see staging work begin on June 21 and clean-up work continue for several days, but traffic should only be disrupted on June 22."

  School district officials say because it would cost too much to replace the structure, and it's no longer needed, this long-time Pasco landmark will be coming down.  It was the only school-access footbridge in the Tri-Cities.