With this weekend's visit to Sin City by The First Lady,  the White House is discovering  the folks in Vegas, and Nevada, have long memories.

Two years ago, President Obama essentially dissed the gambling capitol of the world with a series statements that didn't exactly win him any fans in the state-from the AP and Boston Globe website:

The feud began in 2009, when Obama admonished corporations using federal bailout money: "You can't go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer's dime." A year later, Obama warned families against gambling away college tuition: "You don't blow a bunch of cash in Vegas when you're trying to save for college."

 Even Senator Harry Reid admonished the President, saying "lay off Las Vegas."    Obama tried to patch things up during a trip there Monday this last week ( his wife and daughters were there later for a quick visit) saying "I love coming to Vegas."   He did not address his comments, though, when he made a quick appearance in a Vegas neighborhood...all told, his trip lasted three hours in the city.

  Whether or not they were directly responsible,  after Obama's series of comments about the city,  officials noted numerous cancellations of conventions, trips and other events by a number of groups as well as a drop in overall business.   It could have been due to the economy, but the damage has already been done.  Experts are predicting the 2012 election could go the other way.  Instead of Obama handily winning the state as he did in 2008, his calloused remarks could swing Nevada the other way.