Scary evacuation order in Grant County due to wildfire (Grant County Sheriff)

If you were watching Facebook last evening, or perhaps got an emergency text on your phone, it had to be scary. But imagine police cars rolling up your county road, blaring on loudspeakers to load family and pets in your vehicle, and get the heck out!

Fortunately, only one building is said to have been burned, and no injuries reported. But a fast moving brush fire that torched at least 500 acres swept across Grant County near North Adams road, about ten miles Southwest of Ephrata. It was moving fast, seeing how the Sheriff's office issued the highest level of evacuation for a number of rural residents.

Between 9:30 and 10pm Wednesday night, Grant County Sheriff's issued the alert seen below. The fire, reports has been largely controlled, and while some rural residents are still being moved, the situation is far less dire. More information and updates expected soon.

Grant county Evac warning (Grant county sheriff)