Remember when the 'Archie' comics were the most uncontroversial ever?  Not anymore.

For decades, Archie Andrews was a comic feature parents didn't think twice about letting their children read.   But in an attempt to become more "relevant" with today's societal issues, in 2010 a spin-off series was launched, called "Life With Archie."

One of the big changes was the introduction of openly gay characters. Some of the more adult themes have included financial struggles, marriage and the introduction of Kevin, the openly gay character.

Now,  the series will include the actual death of Archie.   In an upcoming installment,  he will meet his demise by taking an assassin's bullet intended for Kevin.   The Kevin Keller character is a Senator who is pushing for more gun control and is lobbying on campus for support.  A pro-gun supporter tries to shoot him, and Archie "sacrifices" himself by taking a bullet meant for the Senator.

According to NW Cable News:

"The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and several Archie fans praised Archie Comics' decision to have the character sacrifice himself to save Kevin, who is depicted in "Life with Archie" as a married military veteran turned senator."

The upcoming episode, which was announced in April, will be the final installment, and mark the end of the "Life with Archie" series.

Officials with the publishing company say, however, he will return in a few weeks in his original freckle-faced role as a teenager, and the "regular" Archie series will continue indefinitely.

Other comics have also treaded into the world of modern societal subjects, including some episodes of Spider Man where his alter-ego is a multi-racial teenager, and episodes of Wonder Woman wearing pants

Critics of the Life of Archie series say this final event is being too violent, and too politicized for what was supposed to be a harmless, fun cartoon for children and teens.