A new police unit funded by a special sales tax targets gangs and major crimes in the area. The Pasco Police Street Crimes Unit benefits from the public safety sales tax passed in 2011. The unit has only been operational since January 2013. One sergeant and three officers were hired.During the first month of operation the following successes were reported:

  • 16 documented gang members were arrested.
  • A drug house in the 600 block of West Shoshone was shut down. Residents were arrested on narcotic charges.
  • A daytime burglar who had been ransacking houses was arrested as he was preparing to flee the area.
  • A local narcotics operation consisting of three ounces of meth, two ounces of powder coke, eight ounces of marijuana, baggies of rock cocaine and mushrooms, miscellaneous pills and $2,964 cash were discovered at a local motel. Police arrested two and gathered information on a possible third party.

For more information refer to the City of Pasco's website.