Drive-thru customers seeking a late-night snack at Jack In The Box were harassed by gang members yesterday.

Around 2 a.m. Sunday morning two confirmed gang members were pounding on the windows and threatening people at the Jack In The Box on Columbia Point Drive. Customers reported the two men yelling, “Southside,” flashing signs, and threatening their lives.

Shortly afterward, police found an intoxicated David Galvez (27) and Israel Valdez (22) were found on Armistead Street. When police attempted to detain the suspects a frightened Valdez attempted to run from the cops but was soon caught and arrested along with Galvez for disorderly conduct and harassment. Valdez additionally was charged with attempting to run from police.

The night didn’t end there. Another strange development occurred when Amalia Navarette (26) arrived saying she was Valdez's girlfriend and had come to take him home. Police found her driving license was suspended!