Oh, the horror! DUI at 5 mph!

A 63-year old Fairbanks, Alaska, man is facing charges after allegedly driving a motorized shopping cart while intoxicated.

The Fairbanks News-Miner paper reports Merrill Moses was seen leaving the parking lot of a grocery store in Fairbanks, and was detained by a store employee after trying to turn out into traffic. Not only did the cart apparently belong to the store, but Moses was later found to be intoxicated 4 times the Alaska legal limit.

Not only is he facing alcohol charges, he allegedly had numerous unpaid items in the cart's basket, including cookie dough.

He has a long previous history of run-ins with the law, most involving alcohol and driving. Store employees claim this isn't the first time he's tried this. He's previously been in trouble for reportedly trying to "drive over" any store workers who attempted to stop his joyrides. Not that he was successful in those attempts -- the average top speed of the typical motorized shopping cart is a whopping 5 miles per hour.