OK, how dumb ARE you? A Kentucky man is in police custody after being arrested for allegedly siphoning gas from a police car.

20-year-old Michael Baker of Jenkins, Kentucky, probably would have gotten away with the crime, had he not posted a picture of himself doing the deed. Last Friday, authorities were notified of a picture showing Baker kneeling, smiling at the camera, with a siphon hose leading from the gas tank of a cruiser into his gas can.

Baker's girlfriend snapped the photo, that was originally meant as a joke. The only problem? Baker actually took some of the gas, how much was not released. Initially, the couple said they were sorry, but then changed their story when Baker was arrested, spent a night in jail, and charged with unlawful taking. Police say again, he probably would have gotten away with it except for that darned picture!

Oh, and you will notice the blurred part? He is flying the bird...